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EVRAZ is a global network of  digital currency (NDC) and decentralized exchange (DEX), unique product of innovative technologies. It runs on the world's most technologically advanced and fastest blockchain platform BitShares and is designed to bring the innovation of blockchain technology to all industries that use the Internet to provide their services.


A peer-to-peer, fast and secure system allows direct exchange of digital goods traded in an ecosystem. With anonymous named accounts, where only you have access to your account. The web application has a user-friendly and stylish interface. The EVRAZ electronic money network provides fast payments worldwide. The EVRAZ coin is the token of the EVRAZ project and is used for payments and transactions on the platform. Since EVRAZ is global, anyone with Internet connection can use it to trade. This makes all the world's liquidity available on a single order book for decentralized trading.


The EVRAZ decentralized exchange is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies at fair prices with blockchain guarantees so that users can safely store and transfer their digital assets. Each trade operation is stored in the blockchain. You can trade any amount at anytime from anywhere with low fees.


EVRAZ is building an independent ecosystem that eliminates the need for financial intermediaries. Our goal is the mass adoption and full integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life, completely eliminating the need for traditional banking structures and facilitating the start of work of individual users in this area. The money transfer industry is exactly where the benefit to people from the use of innovative technologies is obvious.


The EVRAZ system removes the barriers to sending, exchanging and receiving money through the use of cryptocurrencies. We see a future where cryptocurrency will gradually first eliminate the monopoly of states on the uncontrolled issue of fiat money, and then completely oust traditional financial resources controlled by the bureaucracy from circulation. We provide clients with services based on the latest achievements of science. The project has a strong development potential and EVRAZ tokens are excellent tools for long-term investment.

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