EVRAZ project

EVRAZ is peer-to-peer electronic payment and mutual settlement system operating on the BitShares blockchain through the EVRAZ Wallet mobile application. Our project is based on the needs of businesses and individuals in creating effective tools for financial interaction, simplification of mutual financial settlements outside the framework of traditional financial institutions.

EVRAZ coin is a token used to ensure the functioning of the project on BitShares decentralized exchange. We maintain stability of the asset on exchange through our market makers. EVRAZ Wallet is an application to provide payments and trading. With nominative accounts, stylish and users friendly interface. We are constantly developing and improving EVRAZ Wallet both in terms of functionality and external perception.

Open source of EVRAZ Wallet at gihub.com: https://github.com/evraz-org

You can download the application on Google Play:


Information about us is posted on the main Internet resources, in social networks and instant messengers:

Bitshares Explorer: https://bitshares-explorer.io/#/assets

Bitsharesscan: https://bitsharescan.com/asset/EVRAZ


Cryptofresh: https://cryptofresh.com/a/EVRAZ

Coinpaprika: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/evraz-evraz/#!coin-overview

Coinranking:  https://coinranking.com/coin/evraz-evraz


Coinlore: https://www.coinlore.com/coin/evraz

Cryptocurrencyliveprices: https://cryptocurrencyliveprices.com/coin.php?id=EVRAZ

Blockfolio: https://blockfolio.com/coin/EVRAZ

Bancomatfinder: https://www.bankomatfinder.at/pl/kryptowaehrungen/evraz

Blockspot:  https://blockspot.io/coin/evraz/

Coinoxid: https://coinoxid.com/cryptocurrency/evraz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evrazcoin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvrazC?s=09

Telegram communication groups:



DISCORD: https://discord.gg/4tqwbCx

E-mail: evrazcoin@evrazcoin.org